Steel Beams Bending

Power, X-axis12T
Torque1700N.m, 3 individually driven rollers
Infinitely variable speed1-20rpm
Y-axisResolution and positioning 0.01mm
Down Rollers dist.adjustable: 180-390 mm
Tool holder ⌀50mm
Rollers high180mm
Travel150mm ( controlled Y-axis)
Hydraulic drive2.2KW (Servomotor)
Roller drive3KW (electrical power)
Power Supply380V, 50HZ, 16.3A
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Through the G Clef unique software, you can realize precise profile bending with variable curvature, work efficiency can be greatly improved, labor cost can be saved, the operation is simple, and very easy learning. Whether it is profile, pipe, square tube, G Clef not only sells the bending machine, but also provides the corresponding bending solutions for the customers. With G Clef bending solution and experience, the customer will be in the leading position in the bending peer! For our customer, you just need to bring us the problem, regarding to the distortion, wrapping, collapse, twist, curve/bow, bulge, asymmetry, S curve, elliptical and spline which do harm to the efficiency, time and cost, we will provide a complete solution. Our creative solutions have already approved by some famous companies in automotive, escalator, aerospace, rail transit, conveyor, facade, doors and windows, roofing, lighting industries etc.

aerospace, automotive, railway transit, escalator, led lighting, doors and windows, furniture, facade construction, bathroom hardware, fitness equipment, decorative works etc.

100*100*3; Min. Radius recommended: T ( bending length)* 5

It includes the frame, three roller axles, and main components such as electric control cabinet, console, cooling system, hydraulic station;

The equipment has strong adaptability and can meet the processing requirements of asymmetric cross section and symmetric cross section products at the same time, and the mold installation should be convenient and reliable;

All hydraulic power units and electric control cabinets of the equipment are directly incorporated into the machine, no additional floor space is required, and the overall dimensions of the equipment should be simplified, and no basic engineering work is required during installation;

Compression benders were also widely used in manufacturing exhaust pipes. This type of bender resembles the draw type benders with the exception of the roller or ‘wipe shoe’ used to roll or wipe the tube around the forming die. The machine had limited success with mandrel bending. The compression-style bending machine clamps the tubing to the stationary bend form and a rotating arm pushes the material around the bend form. Several manufacturers offer draw style bending machines. This type of machine offers mandrel or compression bending. The machine clamps the tubing to the bend former which then rotates,‘drawing’ the material around the former.


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We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.