Why A Aging Furnace Is Necessary For A Bending Fabricating Plant?

A As we all know, the best temper for bending is T4. But T4 materials are soft. They easily get collided, deformed and scratched during transportation. Aging T4 to T6 can harden the materials and improve the quality of bend works by 20% - 30%. What’s more, as for bend works fabricated by roll [...]

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The Working Principle Of The Bending Machine

The effect of the strip shape defects is due to the fact that the strips have different internal stresses in the width direction, resulting in a small length difference in length along the longitudinal fibers adjacent to each other in the width direction. In order to obtain a flat plate strip, it is only [...]

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The General Elongation Requirements In Aluminum Profile Stretching

L The calculation of elongation T (sheet thickness) = r (outside) - r (inside) ð (elongation rate) = t / r (inside) ×100% The national production standard for Aluminum profile(6063、T5)is ð (elongation rate) ≥ 8 % The general elongation rate requirements in Aluminum profile stretching Aluminum profile(6063, T5):  When the bending ð (elongation rate) ≤ 10 %, the [...]

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Product Description Of CNC Steel Bending Machine

LThe CNC steel bending machine is a mechanically controlled bending machine to replace the artificial bending machine. It mainly processes the bar steel bar and can bend the national standard steel bar within 50mm. The equipment can process multiple steel bars at one time, and has the advantages of processing shape standard and large [...]

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Molding Machine Features

L It adopts vertical storage cardboard and can be replenished at any time without stopping the machine. Applicable to the same carton size package at the same time, if you need to change the carton specifications, manually adjust the use (the required time is only 1 to 2 minutes); The machine adopts rational design, [...]

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June 3rd SuZhou Machine Tool Exhibition (SME)

LCorona virus situation is settling down, Chinese manufacturing industry recovery is heating up. From 3rd to 6th in June 2020, Suzhou International Expo Center, SME will provide the High-end, intellectualized and diversified smart machining tools as well as solutions,  also the one-stop service of business channel expanding and equipment renewal for all the enterprises, [...]

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