The General Elongation Requirements In Aluminum Profile Stretching

L The calculation of elongation T (sheet thickness) = r (outside) - r (inside) ð (elongation rate) = t / r (inside) ×100% The national production standard for Aluminum profile(6063、T5)is ð (elongation rate) ≥ 8 % The general elongation rate requirements in Aluminum profile stretching Aluminum profile(6063, T5):  When the bending ð (elongation rate) ≤ 10 %, the [...]

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Product Description Of CNC Steel Bending Machine

LThe CNC steel bending machine is a mechanically controlled bending machine to replace the artificial bending machine. It mainly processes the bar steel bar and can bend the national standard steel bar within 50mm. The equipment can process multiple steel bars at one time, and has the advantages of processing shape standard and large [...]

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