The General Elongation Requirements In Aluminum Profile Stretching

L The calculation of elongation T (sheet thickness) = r (outside) - r (inside) ð (elongation rate) = t / r (inside) ×100% The national production standard for Aluminum profile(6063、T5)is ð (elongation rate) ≥ 8 % The general elongation rate requirements in Aluminum profile stretching Aluminum profile(6063, T5):  When the bending ð (elongation rate) ≤ 10 %, the [...]

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The Classification Of The Aluminum Profile

L 1. Classified by the profile structure: Common profile and Thermal break profile (Thermal barrier). 2. Classified by the surface treatment: Anodic oxidation and Coating. 3. Classified by the toughness: With the same material (chemical composition) as the precondition, we've the aging profile ( high temperature composition homogenization ) and the non-aging profile. 4. [...]

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